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This tool is excellent for removing all sizes of tungsten jigs and flies from fish without damaging them! Simply position the beveled v slot on the hook bend and push the hook out. A must have for catch and release angler. Very effective and easy to use and features a hole to attach to your lanyard so it’s always handy.  Made with pride in the USA!


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The Patented Cold Snap Blade Protector installs in a “Snap” safely protecting your auger for transport in less than 3 seconds! There’s no need to remove your gloves to attach your blade cover to your ice auger! Protects you and your blades.  This cover will work with NilsUSA drilling assembly as well!

To Remove your Snap Cap, simply hold the auger upright with the weight down on the cover, and open with your foot. Lift out and you’re done.  Tested tough.  Resistant to snow and ice build-up. Works with 6″ Strikemaster, Clam, NilsUSA power or hand augers. Made with pride in the USA!


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